The true artist she is and the level of work she strives for is highly evident in her work ethic, passionate live performance and the musicians that surround her.   

Heidi Munro is most definitely in a very small elite group of performers. She is arguably one of the most incredibly versatile, enduring and hardest working female artists, not only in Saskatchewan but Western Canada. With a working career spanning more than 3 decades, and countless awards and accolades, she has honed her craft as a first class“real and raw”, true to herself vocalist and performer, and continues to push boundaries and surprise us today.

As a professional singer and single parent of 3 children, Heidi made the choice stay in Saskatchewan many years ago for her family. Since moving to Saskatoon 5 years ago, she has raised the bar not only for artists as vocalists and performers, but also in self- management, discipline, perseverance, and a true passion for this art that can only be witnessed in her live performance. She continues to surround herself with the best players in the province and create working opportunities for many local and Saskatchewan professional musicians. As a songwriter, finding time is the deciding factor on what gets done.  Three of the tracks on her first album release in over 25 years are original, co-written, gutsy, passionate rockin' blues/jazz/country-influenced songs, showing Heidi’s true roots. This album, featuring a duet with Saskatchewan's Jack Semple is available for purchase. 


“My voice isn’t a sweet girly voice, it’s a voice that carries”

- Heidi Munro, 15 years old

With multiple projects such as, Heidi Munro and the RealGroovyBand – she calls it the“real Heidi gig”; The Soul Sensation - A MoSoul Disco Show and Dance Experience; The Singles - Power Pop Retro Fusion Dance Mix, and numerous smaller ensembles that come from her projects - such as the Corporate Jazz Trio and Quartet, The Unplugged Singles, and a stellar vocal duo show with Scott Patrick of the award-winning country group Wyatt and The Singles. Heidi also coaches singing and performance, mentors as well as consults to help those struggling with self-management. Its obvious Heidi loves to challenge herself and explore all music. Most recently, came the creation of Back to Black – The Passion of Amy Winehouse - a music production celebrating an incredibly talented artist in the truest form.

At 15 years old she said “My voice isn’t a sweet girly voice, it’s a voice that carries”, and it has for 35 years, to huge festival stages, national television, theatres, to small-town dance halls, international corporate events, clubs, church, to intimate living room house concerts, and lounges. It could be cool and traditional jazz, to blues, soul to power pop, heavy rock, country,  R and B, traditional country,  Americana, or gospel. She cannot be put in a box or labeled. Heidi loves what she does, and does it like no other.


Heidi’s vibe is long overdue for generations of music fans, it gets us back to music the way it was meant to be heard and felt.